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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

WAVETEK Full Bore Electromagnetic flow sensors are suitable for
measurement of flow of conductive liquids, which is based on faradays
law of Electromagnetic induction, according to which a voltage is
induced in an electrically conducting body moving in a magnetic field
and this voltage is proportional directly to the velocity.

Where to use:
♦ High percentage of solids like Sludges, slurries, minerals, paper,
sewage flows with high levels of solids which cannot be measured other
types of meters.
♦ Obstruction less measurement: Nothing projects into the flow stream,
no head loss, no parts to maintain.
♦ Very corrosive liquids like acids, caustics and corrosive chemical
additives are isolated from the meter by inert linings and electrodes.

Chemical and process industries Petrochemicals Fertilizers Effluent treatment plants
Water and Sewerages Boards Mining and aluminum Complexes Dairy and food industry
Pharmaceutical and Drug industry Pulp Paper, Viscous and Rayond industry Steel plants


Electrical Conductivity         - 20 μS/cm (5 μS/cm for many liquids)

Ambient Temperature          - Upto 50 C

Insulation Class of Field Coils  - H, temp of fluid 80 oC (higher temp on

Mains Voltage                        - 230 VAC, 50 Hz, optional battery operated

Power Consumption                - upto 20 VA
Input Impedance                     - 1000 M Ohms
M.O.C. of Flange                    -  C.S. (std) / SS304 & SS316 (Optional)
Enclosure M.O.C.                  -  M.S. with cast aluminium IP65 Signal
                                               Amplifier Box Size 200 X 120 X 80 mm
                                               (SS optional)

Measuring Pipe M.O.C.           - SS304

Enclosure / painting                - IP 65 / Corrosive resistant two component
                                               coating (IP 68 optional)

Cable Entry                            - 2 off, suitable for 10mm diameter cable

Test Pressure                        - 1.5 X Rated Pressure
Output                                  - 4-20 mA, 500 Ω load connectable to Rate
                                              Indicator / Totalizer Unit [RS232 Interface
                                              and wireless Transmission optional]
Accuracy                                + 0.5 %





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