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[Sanitary (CIP) Flange Conductivity Sensor]

CC10ST, CIP-ready, enhanced performance contacting conductivity
sensors are designed for direct mounting into processes using CIP
type fittings. Applications may include food, pharmaceutical, high
purity water, reverse Osmosis, waste treatment, and other

Technical Specifications:

The sensor shall have these important enhanced performance
      design characteristics:
          a) Manufactured to exacting tolerances using high quality,
               rugged materials.
          b) Individually tested to determine its absolute Three-digit cell
              constant, ensuring highest possible measuring accuracy.
          c) Built to include a Pt 100 [Pt 1000 optional] RTD
              temperature element within its tip for exceptionally fast
             response to changes in Temperature with 0.1C accuracy.
          d) It is suitable for operating temperature upto 135 oC and
              Pressure upto 6 bar.

   2 The sanitary (CIP) flange style sensor shall have 316 L stainless 
      steel electrodes, a nominal cell constant of 0.05, 0.1, 1, or 10
      and a 1-1/2 inch or 2-inch diameter flange. It shall mount using
      standard sanitary.

   3 The sensor shall have an integral 5 M cable, or an integrally
      mounted junction box (polypropylene, aluminium or 316 
      stainless steel) that requires optional interconnect cable.



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